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Tenders. The course on rationality and mutual respect.
For a long time I am going to raise this painful topic - endless tenders, tenders, tenders and aspects of their implementation.

I'll start with the numbers:

342 832 rubles – the average cost of processing a tender in 2018 by MaxMedium!

42 168 336 rubles – MaxMedium agency costs for lost tenders in 2018

How do you like the numbers? Personally, I am sad of them.
Indeed, in 2018, as a business owner, I laid this money out of my pocket to nowhere, instead of investing it in the development of business and employees, or, in the end, closing it as a founder's profit and realizing my own dreams.
Despite the fact that we do not participate in tenders, where the number of bidders is more than 4, not post-paid projects and a number of criteria by which we select real and high-quality tenders.
Even if we take a tender with 4 agencies, and assume that the cost of each tender participant for its high-quality development is 300 thousand rubles, then the client received free services for 1 200 000 rubles, already before starting work on the project.
Can you imagine that you are free to request from a number of top architectural bureaus to work out the vision of your new office, and to draw everything to the smallest detail? Or ask advertising agencies to work out a brand promotion strategy for free with a detailed study?
No, you will pay for the work, and for the options, and in the framework of the tender you will receive only a minimal study.
Why do we think this approach is acceptable in our market? Is it because we ourselves allow it?
Recently, as part of a tender, a client asked for a detailed study to register opposite each item in the supplier's estimate, indicating the site and contacts? We stopped work and left this tender.
Clients at the tender level require elaboration, which in depth is already serious work on the project, while the client is often unable to identify even the criteria for evaluating the proposal.
This year we worked out a lot of ideas: in more than 40% of the requests, we did not even receive a letter about the results of the tenders, in about the same% of cases we received a reply and did not receive a response to the request for detailed feedback. And only in 20% of cases, customers gave reasonable feedback.
Many of our ideas and ideas were simply stolen, and transferred to the implementation of their suppliers. Why can we say this? Today everything is so accessible and open - just subscribe to the hashtags of the company,
geolocation, and hashtags associated with the event in order to visit it practically and see whole reports through the eyes of the participants.
Some are partially used - I liked something in the concept, why not use it. Some events were canceled, some tenders were worthily lost.
For many companies, a tender is a formality that must be followed, but when you follow a formality, think about the following and be honest when conducting it.
Below I tried to reduce in the TASK - SOLUTION format a table that will help you minimize your time spent on the tender, and thereby the costs of the agencies for the obviously useless, but financially expensive work:


It is necessary to evaluate the budget of the upcoming event.
Contact the provider you trust and identify the task. For example, for me to work out an approximate budget with broad strokes without asking specific suppliers, it will take no more than 30-40 minutes.

To take the initiative to coordinate it further with management
This is the problem of the last year. A tender is being held, the results of which show that this was the initiative of a responsible employee, and a tender was needed to protect this initiative before the leadership. As a result, the event is canceled, because the management does not see (and did not see) the need for it. The solution is simple: before announcing a tender, make sure that the event, its approximate dates, composition of participants and budget limits are agreed with the management.

Conduct a tender as required by the procedure
Here I want to appeal to customers, we are all adults and we understand the rules of the game.

Get the highest quality offers
In order to receive the highest quality offers, it is enough to clearly formulate the evaluation criteria. If it is a budget, state that the key evaluation criterion is the budget and payment terms, for example. If this is an idea, then this is an idea, and the budget is important, but can be more flexible in case of a bright and non-standard idea. If this is the level of elaboration, then clearly state it.

Often, the customer declares that an idea is important, and then selects a supplier for the budget.
Moreover, he takes the agency's favorite idea, and puts in the next round of the tender for the miscalculation of the participants.

Tender for Tender
Create a pool of suppliers, among which you will play such tenders. Why attract the entire market if you already have a contractor, but you need to follow the formalities of the tender?

Market Monitoring / Review
State your intentions to monitor the market. Do not cover it with tenders, be honest in your tasks, and in return you will receive the highest quality offers, ideas for your tasks.

The tender in several stages with a deep study
Conduct a qualifier with a brief description of the idea / vision and an approximate budget. Spend the finals among 2-3 agencies with a deep study of the request you need, where the winner receives the project and the participating agencies receive monetary compensation. Believe me, you will receive not only high-quality honest, non-dumping offers, but also a high client status, with which only the best players will work.

I often hear complaints from the client that the agencies do not hear the tasks, poorly work out tenders, damping.
Remember that when conducting a tender, you apply for a free service, and only serious interested players will play with you honestly, otherwise you will receive free services and the desire to win your contract by any means.
But playing honestly, for example, our position is that we do not have tender and dumping estimates, we lose tenders because the client often buys the cheapest, and then returns with stories about how he was deceived and how much he overpaid.
Dear customers, you yourself form this market. As soon as you begin to make it civilized, open, and respect work with us, you will be surprised how much better and more expert results you will begin to receive.

Press Service Magazine
"Carrying out internal events to strengthen the employer's brand"
Corporate events are an effective and efficient tool for solving a number of company tasks. But in order for this tool to work correctly, it requires proper use.
To begin with - you need to determine the reason - most often the company is faced with either a problem or you need to find a way to solve the specific problem facing the business. What tasks can a corporate event solve?

In 2017, we, MaxMedium agency, conducted our own study "The evolution of corporate culture and the role of corporate events in it". During 2017, we recorded incoming briefs and analyzed them according to a number of parameters. On the day of the presentation of this study in May 2018, we confirmed the data we obtained by conducting a survey of 115 HR specialists from 110 companies, among which 38% are companies with more than 1000 employees in the Russian Federation.

I want to start with the attitude to corporate events in companies: as the study showed, for 55% of companies, events are a complete tool for achieving business goals, while for 45% - events are a tribute to the company's traditions to maintain employee loyalty.

Based on the results of the 2-in-1 study, in 2017-2018, the main tasks that companies have solved and are resolving with the help of corporate events are:

- Team: focus on creating a strong and motivated team (26% of respondents)

- Designation of strategic goals̆: translation of strategic goals̆ of the company to employees and motivation to achieve them (23% of respondents)

- HR brand development: promotion of the company's HR brand within the company and in the labor market to attract better specialists who share our values (14%)

- Traditions: maintaining and creating new traditions in the company (14%)

- Solution of tactical business tasks: an event should solve a specific task assigned to it, we understand the task, set the task and measure the result (11%)

- Encouragement: you did a good job, you deserve a reward (9%)

These tasks have undergone changes in comparison with the tasks solved in 2015-2016, and the trend of focusing events on solving business problems is on the face.

We often face the question of how to integrate events, how to conduct them, for the whole company or departments, in what format. In any company, there are always traditional events, for example, New Year's or the company's birthday. As a rule, in the framework of traditional events, companies try to rally and gather the entire company in one place, share news, feel like a united team. Companies whose geography is not limited to Moscow usually hold events in their cities of presence, federal districts, or other territorial divisions of their own. Such events work on the unity of the team, the effect "you are not alone, you are part of a large team", on informing about the results of work and setting new goals, on encouraging the best, and on the whole image of the company as an employer taking care of its own employees.

To solve the tactical tasks, events are held in units or departments. Here, tactical goals are communicated, tasks are set, skills are developed, specific barriers are dealt with, in particular through properly organized team building.

As the study showed, the promotion of the company's HR brand was in the top tasks in organizing events, because the HR brand is the face of the company in the labor market. In the context of events, the most devoted ambassadors are precisely the employees. Many companies actively use this. As an example, today it is difficult to meet an event without a hashtag, and after all through it you can track the level of the company, satisfaction and mood of employees. Openness helps the company to position itself as an excellent employer. Promoting an HR brand can be an accompanying task in virtually any corporate event that does not have strict confidentiality.

I also want to touch on the topic of effectiveness and criteria for its evaluation.
The most important thing is to answer the question "WHY?" - get to the bottom of the matter and develop an accurate understanding of the main goal of the project.

Next - decompose the goal into tasks and express them in specific numbers, because in order to measure a result, it needs to be digitized so that it has what to count and what to evaluate.

Let's analyze an example:
You need to have a successful event. Blurry, isn't it?

Let's try to make out what will be a successful project for you?

For example, the success of an event is the maximum involvement of employees.
Let's try to translate engagement into numbers:

- Determine the% attendance at the event - as an example, at least 90% of employees?

- you involve employees before the event and plan a warming up teasing campaign - then you can fix the goal, for example, at least 80% of the participants in the event must take the required actions as part of the activities.

- Is coverage of the event important for you? Determine the number of targeted posts of participants in social networks.

- also feedback is a great measurement tool - for example, you can determine the average score in the feedback questionnaire on a relevant question.

And so on, depending on what you invest in your concept of involved employees.
As a result, set from 3 to 5 KPI to the project, and give them weight, based on importance.
You need to evaluate only the event and its results. If you set the goal of the project to reduce company staff turnover, be aware that the event is not able to solve this problem, but can only partially affect it, and then in a short period of time. To solve this problem, a whole range of HR measures is required.

If the event is regular, for example, New Year's Day or the company's day, which is held annually, raise the data of past events and the criteria by which it was evaluated, so that when setting goals you would have baseline data, an understanding of expectations and possible growth points.
Do not try to solve ten problems with one event, unless it is the "Corporate Race", which allows you to do this effectively and efficiently. Focus on one key goal and a pair of spare (secondary) ones, but they should also support the main one, for example:

The goal is to convey to the participants a key message, for example, the financial task of a company / department. The success of this goal can be measured by the results of a survey of participants, where for the open question "What key message of the event did you consider?", For example, there will be more than 70% of the answers closest to the desired ones.

Supporting goals can go towards this goal:

- the introduction of tools to achieve the goal (for example, to train and test knowledge),

- the formation of motivation to achieve the goal - for example, the launch and announcement of sales competition, the main prize of which will be a mega trip for the best employees.

Well, and in conclusion, a little about the trends. There is one golden rule - look at your employees like ordinary people. What interests them? If your events will meet their values, then you have every chance to get a motivated team of like-minded people.

Our observations, confirmed by a double study that I mentioned above:

- Family values are returned to the corporate culture of companies, formats of events with the participation of family members, or events for children of employees are returned. For example, I write this text on June 1, today we are doing 4 events for Clients, 3 of which are in a family format with the participation of children of employees. One is almost a full-fledged career guidance for children in a game form right at the company's office.

- Healthy lifestyle events in support of a healthy lifestyle - sports days, races, sports days, even just training in the office are very relevant and this trend is growing.

- Focus on innovation - new formats, new technologies that are integrated into events, everything that creates a WOW-effect helps convey the company's focus on innovation and the company's compliance with time standards.

- Focus on engagement: start engaging employees in the event in advance. Our study showed that 97% of respondents believe that the employees involved give a better result. Today, social networks alone provide hundreds of opportunities and tools to engage your audience.
It remains for me to wish you great events that will work not only on solving the business problems of your companies, but also on your HR brand.
Administrative Director Magazine
Tatyana Spurnova, owner and CEO of Creative MICE agency MaxMedium
Among the trends and observations in preparation for New Year's events, several points can be noted:

- Preparing in advance for a couple of previous years: budgets are allocated, those in charge are assigned, there is an understanding of the tasks that companies want to solve. Some stability is felt.

- The budgets have not changed much and are at the level of 2016-2017.

- The question is how to solve these problems - this is exactly where Clients turn to agencies as experts with a request on how to make the New Year event interesting, since employees need to be surprised and offer them new formats.

- There is a growing trend of involving employees in the preparation of the event, but the Star Factory format has already been tried by everyone, so there is a request for new forms - clips, integration into the program, immersive stories, flash mobs, announcements and contests via mobile applications, for example.

- More technologies, more interactive activities within the framework of the well-known zones, more interesting photos, video zones.

- Focus on key messages through engaging leadership, quality video content.

- This year, New Year's events for employees' children are actively reviving

- Some companies see the office as a platform for New Year's events with many New Year's activations.

- Well, traditionally, a number of companies are postponing New Year's events to January, and the inexplicable trend of this year is postponing to the end of January, on the 20th, which can be connected either with high workload at the end of the year or with budget optimization.
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7. Controller shall a public authority, municipal agency, a natural or legal person,

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12. Cross-Border Personal Data Transfer shall mean transfer of personal data to a

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13. Personal Data Destruction shall mean any operations to permanently destroy

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3. The Controller may process the following User's personal data:

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5. The above data shall be collectively referred herein as Personal Data.

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4. The personal data processing period is unlimited. The User may at any time

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7. Cross-border data transfer

1. Prior to any cross-border data transfer, the Controller shall make sure that the

foreign country where the personal data is to be transferred provides reliable

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2. Cross-border data transfer to foreign countries that fail to meet the above

requirements is possible subject to the data subject's written consent to the cross-

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8. Final provisions

1. The User can get any clarification on his or her personal data processing by

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